Pankaj from Jaipur 
Balancing Chakra  & other stones with Mantra 

Help full for my Family growth via IVF Fertilization. My Wife was happy with the results of getting a beautiful Baby, a combination of JJade with Meditations was offered to us.

 A Thunder perfect mind – is nurtured within me, it is the reflections of all possibilities I represent in the universe. Using this key of understanding of the creation & feeling the consciousness certainly the light of heaven will fall on you as well.
Dolly from Noida
Balancing Chakra  & Yellow Sapphire stones 

Help full for my business. My daughter was happy with the results of Tigers eye combination given for her studies.

Dharampreet from Australia
Lava Mani   

Help full for my major shift in Life. My travel plans & other events of live were created with opening of a New space for the family. 

Arivind from Chatisghar
Lava Mani  &  Raat Ratuva / Carnelian stones 

These healing stones made my live go towards spirituality in Life. I started a quest for knowing the unknown & have a longing for love of Shiva now.

Nirmala Mutthu
Healing Crystals 
Hi nice to see ur note;nirmalamuthu muthuJuly 31, 2014 7:40 PMThings are moveing great.Shall mail u soon.All gem stones are doing greatfor me. Om shanthi.


Simeran from Mumbai
Balancing Chakra & Law of Spirituality online course 

Now it feels secured & great. After the therapy was happy to be able to sleep. The good thing is the information that was unknown to me started comming easily with no much efforts.

Richa from Mumbai
Healing Crystals 

Now it feels secured & great. After using the therapy was happy to be able to sleep. 

Payal Wadhawan of Chennai
Calcite Rock & Lava Mani

I manifest each night that my grand child & other members of our family are sleeping inside the Rock body & over a period of time im free of stress & patience level has risen up....... My Diabetes is under control & i feel more energetic now after a constant use of the Healing gems where the knowledge or understanding came in our legal matters as well.    Gemstherapy has given me wellness & it is  recommended to the others as well.

Nirmala Muthu of Chennai
Lava Mani 

Today day was great and found lot of peace. My Lava mani is great ,Morning was cutting vegetables and suddenly got a deep cut on my  thumb, got worried  blood was not stopping  .i just took lava mani and placed on the cut chanting  Durga manthra and very soon there was no traces of blood.I thanked my friend for the help......

                       Healing Crystals & Classes

                 Accepting the consciousness/चेतना in healing stones 

Empowers us with the ability to see reality & make changes in Life based on the quantum awareness