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Natural Power House

NATURAL POWER HOUSE Your Natural Power House has to be created it is simple you need a variety of power full Crystals. Crystals are energy boosters as powerful energy promoters one just needs to work with them with INTENT. For best use pour the intention of your purpose in the stone with imagination . The law of energy starts operating as we release the INTENT in other words once we give Your content to the gems to work with you they are happy to serve your success as they have everything that can be a support to you when in need. Remember energy flows with the waves of mind, therefore it is seen that the great yogi’s try to center their energy through various forms of yoga but for the people who have crystals and other power sources they should work towards fulfillment of their purpose via this law of intention & energy channelization. It is to be remembered that Crystals are power full boosters of energy once they are a tuned by you. The Crystals have everything for you the motivation in times of extra guidance needed, managing your advanced Divine knowledge on a particular work in operation, imagine yourself being equipped with the energy that you always needed as a dedicated source of energy from the representative of the Nature your exclusive healing stone. You also have options to use Mantra in correspondence to the gem stones so that the multiple representatives of nature in the form of Gemstone, Minerals & Sounds are there to take you to next level of presence of Life on earth. In addition to all these remember you have the power of helping yourself with the Counselors who are there to match your success in Business / Relationships /Health /Peace & so much more. Our Counselors here to meet you’re advanced Happy Life Needs. our on line courses are a convenient way you could plan your support for a foundation of healthy solutions for Family Relationships Management / Financial Upliftment / Managing the power to be in Good health / Manage Life with No Anger / Power to build self Esteem/ Manage a business success in difficult times/ Build a Success system for Life.

Human Body Temple 

Natural Power House

Yogic Bhanda Yoga Gyan

Bandhan say nir bandhan keen a ie from the attachment or bandhan to freedom or let go free.

Bandha means close thigh – the bandha make a blockage which when release the energy flows with a gush on release. This required on hourly bases for the computer workers for more healing energy.  

Jalandar Bandha – Thyroid issues/Anxiety/Asthama – blockages or congestion of the Thyroid gland are opened /Physicic problem is released when the flow is there.

Period of exercise – for problem release each day for 365 days

Antar Kumbhika and Bahirkumbhika  kumbhak means a pot of breath in this case as we fill the air in the pot diafragram which is a pot in this case.

Antar Kumbhika-
Hold breathe with downwards motion between the shoulders making Jalandhar Bandh in this Mundra /Posture
When no longer able to hold the breath raise the chain and release breath
The whole moment is to be performed with the breath in hold till the end of the Antar bandha

Bahirkumbhika  kumbhak- Take a breath inhale and exhale from mouth and than Jalandhar Bandha. The breath is retained outside.

Position hands on the knees
Back straight with arms straight.
Take a breath in from the nose raise the shoulders up.
After you are no longer able to control breath raise the face upwards and bring down the shoulders and then release breath.

Uddyan Bandha ( to fly) – Deals with our digestive fire– corrects issues of emotions in the gut takes off the mess of digestion acidity  sluggish metabolism

Inhale as musch as you can
Exhale bending downwards pulling the stomach inwards

Moola/Mul Bandha /Root Lock – Deals with the sex related issues and other facts related to the genital organs and the reproductive problems for male and female both. Effective for the premenstrual disorder correction; Mula bandha makes the pelvic muscles strong. Mool the seat of the chakra, the end of the intestine, the connection of emotions. Due to the emotional set back the intestine gets affected and one may even develop hemorrhoids /piles problems or due to physic connections may be disturbed.

The Mul or the lock siteis in the perinatal. It is a pull up of your rectum and makes you feel exercised in the lower muscles; it is used in pranayama to create a flow in balancing the breath inside the body.

Keep a little bit of Mula bandha for some hours only a day, buwakendt do not get struck in it. But a woman is not to keep a bandha when in the form of delivery or contraction.

Mulbandha gives Shakti path to those who have physic blocks because as the blocks open the immediate release of energy sparks a ray of energy with in because the Sushumana nadhi has direct connection with the Mula.

It set out to do Ashawani Mudhara- to contract the anus muscle or perennial.
Take a deep breath in to the belly and squeeze the rectum inwards.
The inner pull conducts an energy flow

Maha bandha- the Uddyan bandha automatically causes the Mool bhandha than go for Jallandhar Bandha. When the energy is pulled upwards the energy is awakened upwards , this flow of enegy is required to be controlled in the presence of a live guru. When energy is awakened in body it increases the immunity.

After Maha Bandha the Naoli






Nero Muscular Locks where the energy is locked inside the body to be able to maintain optimum functioning of your body system.