Root Chakra

Root Chakra is a vital energy point in human body , this is the Earthly connection, hence it is important to ensure that the chakra functions well & vibrates healthy. The power of root chakra is it stimulates the sexual derive. The health of this chakra also checks the self worth an individual has for him or herself.  

Gemstone's for Healing Therapy 

Gem Therapy Stones

Black Obsidian
Used for grounding & scalloping  Gem verity is found in Black color with snow flakes Brown color & best is the rainbow Obsidian
Blood Stone
Used to heal the root chakra & boost up the emotional stability & lack of responsibility is removed as the stone helps circulate the energy through out the bodyFound in dark green color with stains of blood red color
Black Turmaline  
 Used to remove the negativity of a room
Hexagonal mineral rock has extraordinery power to make one feel strong & cheerful with inner peace building
Black Onyx

Mostly used by the Tibetan Monks Used to enhance self control  7 ward off black magic

Black in color 

Used for mild spiritual healing centers towards truth & honest. Protects crown & the root chakras 

Deep Dark red Pyrope Garnet.
Red Jasper
The slow frequency of Red Jasper:
Aliens with the Earth's Electromagnetic field
Helps to build the sexual vigor & creativity 

Referred as "Supreme Nurturer" providing grounding , comfort , security are its attributes

Red RubyOld mines of the earth give a great support to the  root chakras

Emotional effects of the Balanced Root Chakra is that it keeps your direct connection with the earth and ensures your survival instincts are fine to find you food, sexual expression, self preservation, social interaction and most of all self respect. In case of a Root Chakra dis balance use of Healing Gem Stones like:

Signs the Root chakra being off balance are as under:

When you feel lack of energy

When anxiety is on its high

When emotions are volatile

When we are Obsessed with one thing in life 

When sex is beyond control

When you are unable to protect your integrity

When one is subjected to much emotional loss 

When in depression or Lethargy

Rose Quartz

used in harmonizing feelings for each other also used to develop self love in cases of depression or porlonged illness


Gem therapy 

Relationship management product Rose Quartz can be placed in a room where people with discord spend maximum number of hours each day watching T.V or eating food or just sharing a living space

Mineral form can be either a ball or a spherical shape egg / an inspirational Eagle/Ganesha or any other artifact