Our History

Subject 1: Vibrations change with the use of Gemstones & Sound/Chants, this is what we have been designed to share. We have been giving holistic solution for the Vastu based residential & commercial Lands vibrations enhancement since 1990. The Vastu or Property energy of a site is as important as the physical health of the owner of the property. Kindly remember that the demons or the dark energies are the octaves of our own self if one wish to change the energy of the space one lives in or one operates through as the master owner, kindly change the radiations of ones own self at once. 

Solution at crossroad
Subject 2:
When an investor senses crossroads in the property stocks, he says its stuck, it is not really the energy or the land that becomes sick-stuck, it is the Emotional life of the individual or the individuals that has become shadow & that effects the property sale or rental prospects. So the opening of a business or the sale of the property is stagnated because of our won shadows. If we are unable to see off these darker energies vents our self, we look at the solutions of this progress of the land cleansing in the Gem stones & Chants.There is a perfect match these gems have that make lead to a personal empowerment or the empowerment of the land as you are in the frequency of your wealth.
Unleash the Victim self 
Subject 3:
The importance of seeing your work in good health is yours. It is now or will be too late to fill up your desires. The role of being a victim or an unsuccessful person & shadows of others who direct us into a story. Now you have to lose your mind & live in the moment. Get engaged into the third dimension with the Gems & Minerals we facilitate you. You can now take all the short comings of your reality & spin them around with the work of the Gems & Minerals we have for you in addition to the gems we also recommend you the complementary Chants. The enlightenment is within You for this we give you the aid of these Gemstones that take you off the Panic & Guilt most people suffer. This Panic & Guilt & suffering are the call of disadvantages we create for us now are the Gems available to give you a new turn in your relationships, with health & every other success you are looking for. 
Strength of Light
Subject 4:
It is also observed that at times the property bough belonged to someone with ill health and negative vibrations hence one is unable to gain from it. In some cases due to the reasons not so visible the energy field of the property is very low the female energy has to be resetted or prompted there. A very strong aura of force field had to be build around the Vastu Purush of the site / building or the office or the home as the case may be. It is our willingness to give You-Your willpower; to use the Naturally healing Light of the Gemstones able to gain a position of Wellness. As we have one live to process & have so much to be great full to life for specially for the extended help the crystals & gemstones we are offering to help with. Than what is it that one needs to delay for? Just check for the cosmic gift an etheric energy body the Healing gem go to the shop button & order now a piece of finely crafted Mineral Rock or a Jewelery made with Healing stone. 

Metaphysical Details of Agates and Quartz

Healing kits in verity of Agate Crystals, as known Agate is the name given to varieties of banded Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family.  Agate was known to the Neolithic people, and was used as healing amulets and ornamentation dating back to Babylon. Its medicinal uses marked by ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, and spread throughout Africa and the Middle East into Russia. Agate is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy, harmonizing yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe. It is observed that when the energy in our body becomes unbalanced or depleted, due to stress or illness, our body can no longer heal itself. Etheric Healing is than called for- it is a powerful hands on healing technique in which universal energy is drawn through the practitioner's body and then transferred to the client through the body's main energy centers the chakras. During the healing process, the chakras are cleaned, balanced, and aligned. Universal energy may also be added to other areas requiring special attention and the aura balanced. The practitioner would give energy to the healing stones & energize them to participate in the healing process. In some cases the power of energy is given to the stones by the practitioner from the hands & the third eye chakra as well.The stones are kept in the tumble shapes to keep them close to their natural shapes & they are energized favoring the healer so that he is able to use them for his task in operation of healing or energizing the person or the cause that needs cosmic energy.

Shopping for Wellness

Vastu kits are designed to activate energy of the space they are used for. Refer to article no: Vastu.kits-01/ 02 / 03  in the shop order your tool of Healing Gems & Minerals with Mantra Gyan & Insight book & Rosary.
Special Case Solutions
Large properties or complicated constructions are to be viewed one to one bases before we give a Therapy for the soil or the apartment or the Office. 

Reading Room

Space for Inner Management


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 The healing crystals in display are all  natural . Remember they are energized &  self motivated so which crystal chooses to  be your companion is the work of natures  sensitivity. One of these will come to you  slight variation in color & size may occures.