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Reiki by G.k.khanna 

Law Karma Reiki Gemstherapy 

How to resolve the energies when the relationship is a brake? For this again once again the method is that of pure divinity.
Individuals’ people at disease have to understand that our body is composition of energy described as cells. At the cellular level works with the memory of the cells. As in case of a winding relationship the disease of the relationship occurred, due to which individuals fought in the past or were disharmonized for some reason. In the now moment due to the karma of the past today they stand to be split, the need of the hour is to sit quite and let go of the feeling of hostility. As letting go will be the point of neutrality from where we move on…
 One could take the support of the healing crystals on my web site and help yourself experience the vibration of the crystals support you to proceed in the right direction. The healing art forms may be many but when Reiki clubbed with the vibrations of the crystals the effect is many folds & happening. Individuals need to go to the celluler memory where they easy the cells of the stress & friction in their our own body first. It is seen that over a period of 3 months the transformation is quite complete when the pain body starts to settle.

The individual is beginning to gain energy & is relaxed the cellular memory is than work upon the energy of the life force Reiki plus the gemstone therapy is given with the visualization technique.
The unconditional love support is extended to the weakened or ailing hurt cells. it is experienced as the cells are healed they begin to radiate just like the new born cells & at this point they are ready to be re-tuned.
Remember all Scenery
The Scene &
The Creator are one.
The Law of Karma is now held in its highest esteem so the practitioner of the healing energies are now going to allow the past to heal. The result of this practice will be healthy new born memory cells memory, a fresh wave of love motions & you let feel as if the relationship of war was always a peace.

During this regular practice of 90 days experience of humility in oneself is generated. Self love emerges & the individual in practice of the therapy will experience a sense of peace within & will be able to adopt the new form of life thereafter.
  It is seen that unless an individual completes with one relationship specially when in close emotional ties he or she will be prompted to make similar mistakes in the new relationship as well. So it is advisable that the Relationship cords are healed at any given time before one sets in to other relationship.

Reiki by Dr.Mikao Usui

Reiki is a transpersonal pathway 

Reiki is a transpersonal pathway to ancient healing process which when clubbed with the Gem stones is a master recovery from the depletion of energy as writes Grand Master Geetanjali k Khanna. With Great regards to His holiness Dr Dr.Mikao Usui the Ancient healer founder of Reiki, she proceeds with the knowledge of Tantra given in different works of Eastern Vedic literature on healing arts. Gemstherapy can never be complete without Reiki or the understanding of the Sanjeevani Shakti a pathway to transpersonal exchange of energy. So she referred to the writing of the other traditional masters as well like Lady Takata & Lawerence Ellyard of newage. Healing with hands was not known to the western world of Christianity but for the efforts of the Japanese  Mrs.Takata; Lady Mrs.Takata the Reiki student of Chujiro Hayashi layed the foundation of Universal Reiki System got Healing with hands to west in 1970 due to the efforts of the Japanese Lady the spiritual & personal growth development started. This is a deep esoteric system where the healing gems stones therapy plays a big role as well. Lawrence Ellyard has written great work of wisdom on Dr.Mikao Usui & the western form of Reiki & how the vibrations of stones are used effectively has been touched in the 1st few chapters of The Tao Of Reiki, when he writes about the Lapiz Lazuli Buddha & the wisdom light associated to the Lapiz Lazuli a healing gem stone. Dr.Mikao Usui was said to be a Minister in the 19th century Church in Japan however one day when challenged by his pupils on how could Christ have healing powers as reported in Bible. Because Dr.Mikao Usui was a noble he confessed that he had no such power & due to a feeling of incompetency to guide his students on how Jesus healed he took to study how Jesus healed for which he resigned his post of Minister in the Church to be able study theology in the Christian Country America but failed to get results.
He was disillusioned when he returned back to Japan & than met a Zen Monk in the monastery who acquainted him to the relevant text in the Tantric Sutras. It was in these Surtas that he discovered the healing Symbols. He got the Symbols but was still far from being able to use them. Upon the advice of an Holy Abbot who shared with him the knowledge bank of the great Tantric Sutras Usui in this round of his search for the healing Symbols of Reiki sat for Meditation on the Mt.Kurama, where he is said to have the strike of lightening on his forehead & he was knocked unconscious & upon regaining the consciousness he was enlightened with the power of an euphoric energy & the key to Reiki Symbols as well. Reiki is an intention based energy where attention & recognition as a process between the responsibility giver & taker of the energy. Reiki attunement helps opening the Chakras & above all develops success, love & rhythm in life of an individual. The power symbols are used for giving attunements by the Reiki masters & the long distance attunment is also possible.

Reiki Heals the Past

Relationship cords healing 

Relationship cords healing with Reiki & Crystals It is seen on physical front that when a baby is born he Barres an Umbilical cord for nourishment from the mother’s body. This cord is cut physically at the time of birth as it no longer serves the purpose of nourishment.   When in Relationship similarly individuals have invisible cords tied up between two people of a family or a couple or a society … When the relationship is healthy we are getting positive energy from the cords. When the relationship is decaying the negative energy radiates.

The linking CORDS are radiating vibrations in the parts of our celestial body called chakras. The various chakras in our body connect us to our wellbeing , In a relationship these attachment cords are formed at the invisible level which effectively link between the individuals in relationship. So is the movement of energy between the cords of two individuals form A's Chakra to B's Chakra, creating energy flow in the cords. The chakras of the emotional reciprocating body of a person who may be our friend or foe are transmitting energy that creates emotions. So it is experienced if a couple is split their connecting cords are radiating negative black energy to each other.
However if the same couple is in love they are complementing to their existence than the energy transmitted is that of the color of VIBGYOR in other words they are in sync with our SEVEN chakra colors & they are harmonious. But if they are not in sync with each other the colors radiated & exchanged through the cords of emotion are grey or black. Reiki energy could be used to balance the chakras of the couple & if they are no longer in the relationship it is essential to cut the cords with the help of healing energies before we move on.

If you are a Reiki healer do observe the act of healing the cords or removing the cords of relationship in an easy way with the energy of healing stones form Cornelian, Cytrine, Jasper,  Aventurine, Iolite, clear crystal quarts, Amethyst Or just pure Himalayan crystals or Rose-Quartz for energy rising in love scenarios.

​For those who are new to the healing sciences we have a Paid facility to let go of your Resentment cords.  

         What is Reiki?  A Life Force Energy it is combined with healing stones to raise vibrations of living cells.

                  Who all can use Reiki ? Any one who has been personally initiated to Reiki the life energy force....  

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