Releases emotional Jam

Turquoise (Tibetan)Code TT 1 / Value Rs.77400.00

strengthens the higher chakras meridians of the body and raises subtle energy fields.

If used on the third eye during meditation provides calm and clears electro-magnatic energy Manifestation and creative thinking 

Students Focus Kit

 Self energizing/code 001-Value Rs. 5500.00

तुरमली/ Tourmaline Rose quartz 
Tigers eye a fantastic combination for
your study focus, Used mostly by ​people sitting for higher examination where focus & self motivation is needed.
For clarity of thoughts - Tourmaline Self confidence & understanding- Rose quartz -For courage strength will & personal power for deliverance- Tigers Eye 


Healers Kit

Grounding Energizing/code H-14-Value Rs. 11025.00

Agate Crystals Obsidian Lapiz Lazuli 7 Chakra Balancing stone with powerful Obsidian & Lapiz Healing Buddha rock 

Reiki Masters spl.Kit

Grounding Energizing/code 001-Value Rs. 25500.00

 You kit for grounding basic energies comprises of Tourmaline for cleansing environment close to the Nature's freshness & Agate crystals for Chakra healing stones Lapiz Lazuli rock Buddha Clear Crystaldouble terminator & a powerful Obsidian Bracelete 

Physic Healing Kit

Tektite code 007 / Rs. 21000.00

The natural Tektite formations are Silica formed by the impact of Lunar meteorites on the Earth's surface.The mineral raises the human frequency & is excellent for over coming the physic attacks which are due to the unknown energies they are also very helpful in manifestations.

  Remove wealth blockages

Cats Eye ShivlingValue Rs. 21000.00

 मन्त्रों से करें ॐ नम: शिवाय ॐ You may use the Cats eye/लहसुनियां

Shivling for releasing blocked energies, when prayers & devotion is offered for betterment of ketu also use white chandan/sandalwood past on shivling Issues relates wealth are resolved with 3-6 months.

Cancer cells rejuvenation

Shivling Carnelian Code H-12 Value / Rs. 11000.00

मन्त्रों से करें रोग निवारण कैंसर रोग / Stimulates fresh Cells 

ॐ नम: शिवाय शंभवे कर्केशाय नमो नम:।
यह मंत्र किसी भी तरह के कैंसर रोग में लाभदायक होता है।
​ It is very effective to use Carnelian in case of Liver or Kidney damage due to cancerous growth.