Release Resenting Past

"30 days course" we work hour by hour 
Use the magical power of the Healing Gemstones and Reiki power symbols ​
​Law of Cause & Effects the theory  

As described in Bhagawat Gita and writings of Yoga Nanda Parmahansa

the course inspires those who who want a happy confident lively change in Life
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A ray of activities and knowledge is given here to help the viewer’s live life better




As covered in the articles 

Traditional Yog

It is not just about postures or asana, it is also traditionally about the amazing effects the gems stones and sound and herbs and other natural component have on our body. The man has always been in the quest to protect his body for a success aboard on the earth. The protection from Durga is one energy that can be raisin with the technique of sound. The practitioner may use the Obsidian beads while in the process. Use of Ruby stringon self will be extremely effective during the chanting. The use of the gems can be made as per the evocation of the intuition or the guide. For consultation you may reach us on take a phone.
The sadhana of the Mantra with the use of the Gemstone / Healing stone can be best preformed under the guidance of a traditional Master who helps purification of Physical body and the Causal Body as well.


The Mystic values of Cosmic science

Cosmic Science can be experienced by any one born to this earth, at any age and time as the path of Traditional Yoga has many recipes that can be used to give an experience of peace and self realisation. The solutions can been attained for your now now position from the cosmc point of you. Be it for the Senior citizens or be it for the youth with flexi bodies we have Cosmic energy treasures to be shared with every one. The Cosmic connection can be made not just by performing the body bending techniques of Hatha Yoa but also by the use of Gems and healing stones we can create a conscious awareness. A solution to all problems in live is available at the tap on the door of the mother Nature.  

Mystic Charm of Cosmic Consulting

With a growing shift in the consciousness of the world now a days.

 KUNDALINI ENERGY~ The awakening of Shakti

and unusual experiences associated with the process are more read and talked about. As per the knowledge of TRADITIONAL YOG – Dhayan/ Drishti / Darshan/Samadhi are some of the components that a saddhak or practitioner has to collectively make use of to be able to draw the actual experience of Yog. THE GEMSTONES AND CRYSTALS are some POWER WONDERS that support the initiator to practice the path of self-realization by sharing the energy stored in its power house.

                                             Bring balance to the hectic  inner world 

​Besides in the HINDU belief system we find crystals in Shamic, Christian and Islamic cultures. The stones are given place in the cosmology astrology and it is a way to communicate with stones where individuals get messages from the stones as a recipe to fix Life. The ages have passed in the research of these valuable stones and our studies are here specific to sharing with our visitors healing stones for the solution of wellness in life. These gems stones have the potentials to direct an individual to the area of understanding where people often find peace of mind and some call it luck to be able to peruse in the Life transforming directions. These stones only work when the vibrations of the stones are matched with those of an individual barer of the stone. Here we are in the field of giving a multidimensional healing effect to the users of the crystals and verity of other healing stones. is a dedicated platform where we work through our healing sessions and workshops towards an alignment with the stones.