How to connect the gem to our natural self

You may read the how to connect the crystal Meditation given on line or take up personal session on healing or connecting 

For the purpose of quick relief to our clients we have the practice of charging the crystals before they are sent to you by a reliable courier

How to get personal gem therapy consultancy

We request you to write the problem to our mailing address 

Kindly write a point wise description of your problem make it no more than 3 paras we are willing to help you please give us clearity of job. 

All our advanced level consultations are paid for please let us know if you are interested in them.

How to Choose the Right Gem

Follow the advice of an Astrologer /Healer / Zodiac sign lucky Gem. 

We have a large range to choose from in the shop at display on the narrative bar. Our reading section will give you the reference to the Healing with gemstones you may book you order out of the kit displayed in the gifting crystals or the healing crystals 

How to Pay for the Gems ordered:

For Payments via
net banking
ICICI Bank:  
Holder: Geetanjali Impex
Current Account no: 628405016793
Branch: Sector 50 Noida / IFSC
code: icic 0006284
HDFC Bank: 
Holder: Geetanjali Khanna
Saving Account no: 00881530015042
Branch: Sector 18 Noida / IFSC code: 0000088