Thunder perfect mind

is nurtured within me, it is the reflections of all possibilities I represent in the universe. Using this key of understanding of nature and feeling the consciousness certainly the light of heaven may fall on you as well. ~ Girija Ma

Learn to work with
the power of Mantra,
and ignite the Tantra within.
Spiritual Healing Course
Learn to heal your karmic accounts with Traditional Yog Gemstherapy and Spiritual Travel - 15 days course

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LEVEL 1 - Learn to get connected with your higherself  2. Get ready to shed off your mental past 3. Clear off the energy centers 4.Get your power Mantra 5.Follow the 7 Laws of Spirituality

Regain your confidence for Live enable to give & take a free flow of Life force & learn to cleanse your self of mental tension. 

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Exploring crystal potential

Healing stones have limitless power their esoteric nature prompts wellness

Gemstherapy process

Know all about Gemstherapy

Use of different gems for the various ailments & healing effects as per the healing purpose

 The planning of a crystal for use of the healer and that of the clients as well

Complete work on the scientific knowledge of the crystals. The sites & location maps of crystals

Metaphysical/Emotional work with crystals

 The course encourages the study of stones/crystal sample identification


Learn to heal  your disoriented Chakras
with Yog Reiki Gemstherapy and gemstherpy - a workshop where practicle guideline is given towards removing of anxiety and depression - 10 days Extensive course
Learn to self heal  with Yog Reiki Gemstherapy and Spiritual Travel - 5 days course

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Gemstherapy Courses

It's our honor that nature has attuned us with the privileged knowledge of Gems & Natural Mineral from the Gemological & Metaphysical point of view. We relieve individuals of issues related to the raising of physical energy, giving off the past , healing mind to move on & accept the life as of now..

We have designed essentially course packages


            Your Life Now

Seven Laws of Spirituality by Vedic Traditions 

Mantra yoga &

Chakra healing

Horoscope is reviewed for life guidedence


          Resenting Past

Attend a 30 days course

In a relationship these attachment cords are formed at the invisible level which effectively link between the individuals in relationship.

The radiations from these cords can make or brake your harmony in a relationship with people around you.