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Drugs verses Dhayan Yog

Some people write on net and believe that food for Sadhana /Meditation opening of third eye is Ganja or getting a relief from pain is Marijuana  and like products. It said that world over the consumption of such products is a fashion or a fad for a stress free mind.     So they ask questions like for Meditation and focus or for getting off the mental grief or agony is Marijuana or Ganja or Charas a solution?                                                             My question to them is: Have you worked on the Sahastra or Ajana chakra? The Third eye?

 I have been teaching meditation for quite some times and my experience is when the true Samadhi is attained or a person reaches Turya awastha (point of manifestation)  he need not consume Ganja Marijuana etc...because the effect of such nerve drugging stuff will not let a person know when he is actually attaining the higher state, so to say the drugs they are nowhere near the expansion, the masti and the tranquility of Sadhana, when the senses experience the higher state. And the state that is achieved by these drugs are all waste of effort, social discard and abuse as against the Nasha /tranquilized state  of Sadhana or the spell of tasting the nectar that trickles from the inside of the skull called Kapal (top of the skull). Rather if the body is drugged with ganja and marijuana than the different between hallucination and effective transformation is not clear. The after effects of a true drug free sadha are- the brain size expansion, composition in adversity, natural enhancement of creativity, improvement of mental and cosmic stability, net result balanced chakra and happiness from within .

One time a person gets caught in the trap of the chemistry of Drugs natural or chemical the comeback is hard or impossible. People are caught in the excuse of Shiva and his Avdhoots being into Drugs like Dhatura Bhang Marijuana Ganja etc… But they fail to understand the life style of those that they quote and they fail to understand that if practically experienced it is seen that these pleasure boosting drugs are No Way close to the actual real-life existence they promise to create. People love to fantasies the mystics of Drug use but for the Body destruction mind depletion creating a fear by weakening the Chakras these drugs do not contribute to any more than a diminishing Life.

Come join use to experience the course of a Drug free astral travel a growth in the creative sense a style where you learn to be a success as you unite with nature and create a Life of Dignity Love and Happiness. If Success at work is your Happiness you get that . If marks are your sense of being since you are sitting for exams so will they improve, If health needs a push that will be done....... possibilities are infinite come LETS WORK OUT TO GETHER!

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Why Do We Have Energy Body Blockage?​

The energy body blockage is got to the human body through many different ways. It could be due to emotional trauma or due to play of cosmic energy or due to a negative entity clinging to a person deliberately.This happens when we are identifying with someone who is going through processes of healing or quitting an addiction or is unknowingly put into the process of negative energies or going through a money loss or recuperating with unhealthy family crises or when we enter a premises where there is already a strike of negativity, where patterns of dirt & mist are the decorations of the house or hotel or the office. 
Clear the negative energy: 
Black Tourmaline to guard all four corners of the room / office /home you reside. In addition figure out methods to change your thoughts by playing music or sports. Take some Alum which can be used to circle over your head for seven times in clockwise direction & flush off the peace of Alum repeat this exercise each time you are stuck with the clouds of confusion. Symptoms of identifing with the energy blockages: We see that we are constantly creating blockages, we are giving people power to control us so we have to constantly release them. A clear method is to constantly observe our life. Check the audience with people who give us negative manifestations. Take a corner of your house or a garden where it is comfortable to sit & identify the possible reasons for the blockage & than sit quite & take time to undo the blockages. Good ways to change the energy: By bringing changes the setup were we exist, for instance use Rocks & Natural gemstones to decorate your interiors. Use Lapiz Lazuli, keep the mineral rock or a statue as a showcase of energy that you can acknowledge several times a day.·         Gift people the members of your visiting team some of the newly bought minerals & gemstones so the energy of these people may change at the subtle body level & the possibility of them harming you will reduce. Rose Quartz can be good for expression of love & peace & restoration of self love.         Feel your body as the body is the temple of your Soul. Talk to the ailing point & ask the pain to leave. Take time off & rest each & ever element of your body. A bout of energy can be gained with Cornelian as it works as a stimulator of the root chakra.          Go between the thoughts & ask the body to heal. It is your body the pain is yours so you have the ability to ask the unwanted guest to leave. Deep breathing & inhaling of Violet light will work at such a time as disposing off the negative energies.          In case you are a suspect of a physic attack use an energy revitalizing Meteoroid Tektite. In case the pain is due to a misbalanced chakras than use an Obsidian ball can be the best option as it is not than the job of a Tektite. In case you are not sure write to us or call us for consultation.  


Remember we never discourage people to use the medical treatment they are following in addition to our As we work purely with the intention of improving the energy levels of those who read & use our gems minerals & rocks.