Emotional Energy

Love & Fear are two faces of a Coin

they are the seed for 

Victory or Vanquish

What we think is created by virtue of the thought we have in our conscious mind. In our mind is the MATRIX of all matter. It is well experienced -
We have the ability of making possible a change of the present moment based on the dose of belief. Belief translates the reality into our Life. Peace is already where in there exists creation of our possibility. We need to remember that with our mind we reach in our state of perfect relationship & abundance, with our ICHA SHAKTI or OUR WILL we give the permission to let us generate the possibility of wellness of an emotion or thought. Later this wellness of emotions or thought becomes the physical reality in form of good relationship & health.
Emotional healing this we get to study from the ancient Sanskrit texts on the Chakras. Our emotions are majorly two: LOVE & FEAR. Marks Plant in year 1944 as per his study on matter discovered the fact that matter occurs or appears as an attribute of an intelligent mind which is the Matrix of all matter. As believed by the ancient masters of Tantra of the ancient times it is a field of all possibility in this pool of quantum possibilities or the Bharamanad within our mind we reach the position where we imagine perfection in our relationship & our Life thereby creating our reality. When we think a though in our mind we place a feeling in our heart or the union of emotion with the thought & use it for creation.
​ If we are too judgmental we are in connect of energies of manipulation or judgment or negativity or impurity of thoughts & this is not ever going to help in creation it will just be an end of a process as your judgment has ended it all. We invite misery on the micro level & the flow is of disadvantage. Irritation is due to judgment & understanding the final decision is the end of a though line. However if we wish to create we have to be non judgment. Inner consciousness will transmute the negativity to the pure divine energy so meditation works. The connection with the inner self will release your difficulty of thought. It is discovered that if you wish to change the world change the Matrix of life or the governing field the matter  lives in. If you c hange the magnetic or electrical filed  by use of Gem stones you change the property of the matter as per the science.

The organ that produces the strongest electromagnetic field is in the Heart. Heart’s electrical field is a hundred times & magnetic field five thousand times more powerful than that of the mind. The waves of Healing stones can be used for the purpose of creating a perfect possibility till one has experienced the feature of waves moment. A standing wave or stagnant wave will not be moving it will be pulsating. The ancient monasteries of Tibet they preserve the language of focused human emotions, we can use the same method to apply in your life and create Miracles with the Healing stones. Check your DNA remove the limitation of biology make yourself powerful with a change of emotions. If the emotions change the DNA the power of DNA is converted to love with the technology called true unconditional love from heart. What we chose in our life must be felt in our hearts for the matter to occurs in reality. This is a part of the Eastern belief this is as opposite to the western science. Emotions change the matter as the matrix that converse our thought to reality is connected with a web of energy called emotions.
​ However if we talk about emotions of love the DNA is healthy however if we move towards the emotion of hate rate we are subjected to disease. Law of intention is important to be considered when we talk about the healthy DNA or human body.

    Meditation develops Subconscious Mind power 

Guided meditation with Gemstherapy creates  wonders                  What we think is Created

Release Resenting Past
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